Enhance Classroom Learning with a 3D Printer

Enhance Classroom Learning with a 3D Printer

Students of all ages and skill levels respond to interactive learning. While traditional resources are effective, STEAM curriculum can be greatly augmented by using the latest technology in the classroom. 3D printers allow math and science teachers to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their lesson plans, and not just teach their students, but engage their imaginations as well.

Dremel Digilab has created a three-dimensional printer that is designed specifically for classroom use. The 3D40-EDU 3D printer is the most affordable 3D printer for schools. Included in your purchase of the 3D40-EDU is the chance to join Dremel’s ThinkSpace learning community, where you can find supplemental curriculum materials and 3D printing ideas created by experienced teachers and curriculum developers. Our team is here to assist your school with grant writing, and to provide you with the professional development information available to you.

The 3D40-EDU 3D printer has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Teachers don’t want to struggle with uncooperative technology in their classrooms – our Digilab products are high-performing and easy to use. We have quality 3D printers for everyone, from a beginning creator to an experienced professional. The 3D40 comes with everything you need to get started, including:

•    A quick start guide
•    USB cable
•    USB flash drive with model files and digilab splicer software
•    PLA filament
•    Build tape
•    Build plate

There’s no need for teachers to spend all day trying to get their new printer to work.  Dremel 3D printers can be unboxed and working in 15 minutes. Pre-configured settings make the 3D40-EDU simple to start using. 3D printers that are easy to use and can keep a steady flow of projects going keep students engaged and interested. A 3D printer that consistently works keeps students from becoming discouraged. Nothing can dampen students’ enthusiasm like a malfunctioning printer, or a malformed final product. Dremel printers are reliable and can produce high-quality 3D objects print after print. Our 3D40-EDU printer lets students see their ideas take shape, without distraction, disappointment, or unnecessary delay. 

Middle school math and science teachers can make great use of Dremel 3D printers. Geometrical and biological concepts, among others, can be demonstrated to students through tactile 3D printed objects. Our lesson plans allow students to correlate concepts with physical learning tools. Three-dimensional models of cell transformation, Punnett squares, and many other concepts are possible with the 3D40-EDU printer.

Dremel 3D printers are also built with safety in mind. We use the safest materials for our printers. Our PLA filament is plant-based and recyclable. Students using the 3D40-EDU printer can learn to be environmentally-friendly as well as creative and innovative. 

Put the best 3D printing technology in your school’s classrooms. Contact us today to learn how to get Dremel Digilab 3D printers for your school. Our team is here to answer your questions, call us at: 844-300-3736. Let Dremel Digilab’s 3D40-EDU 3D printer enhance your students’ learning experience!

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