Dremel 3D Printing Certification Program

by NC3

Many schools are making the investment into 3D printers, however, they do not have the training to successfully implement and develop 3D printing skills.

NC3’s Dremel 3D Printing Certification Program offers you a unique opportunity to master the art of 3D printing using Dremel, enabling you to share the knowledge across your school and introduce this technology to your educators and students properly.

Here are a few key advantages:

Benefits of Certification


1. Proof of competency: Certifications often serve as proof of expertise, enhance credibility and increase their chances of getting hired.

2. Enhanced Skill Set: Focused training in 3D printing, 3D design and slicing software equipping students with practical skills and knowledge.

3. Industry Recognition: Certifications are often recognized and valued by employers as obtaining a certain level of competence that meet industry standards.

4. Competitive Advantage:  Showcases their commitment to professional development and indicates the eagerness for additional skills and knowledge.

5. Career Advancement Opportunities: Certifications can open doors to new career opportunities, promotions, or salary increases.


All student benefits, plus:

1. Train-the-Trainer model offers cost savings with the ability to certify not only students, but other teachers as well.

2. Access to training materials and equipment on STEM-related projects

3. Tangible evidence of success for CTE & STEM departments have

4. Proof of Return on Investment for cost of 3D printer expenditures

Why NC3 ?

The National Coalition of Certification Centers is a value-driven organization and the future model for Career and Technical Education, creating highly-skilled, job-ready professionals through a growing network of educational partners and global industry leaders. NC3 is nationally recognized industry training currently utilized in over 1200 districts across the U.S.

NC3 works with nationally recognized brands.

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The Program

NC3’s DREMEL 3D Printing Certification was created to jumpstart students’ imaginations on future career choices and develop interest in STEM-related programs.

Train-the-trainer events are hands-on professional development opportunities that provide standardized, world-class training to new and experienced instructors. 

The Program is hosted at NC3 regional centers of excellenceor live online classes, and lead by expert instructors, these week-long events offer an intensive classroom experience for instructors to learn and become experts in the newest certifications, allowing them to bring their transformed knowledge back to their classrooms.

Program Goals 

 Help students get certified in the basics of setup, functionality, operation, troubleshooting and essential design software

● Teach students to create the connection between Digital Ideation and Physical Building

● Create project-based learning where students

develop real-world skills

● Teach problem solving and teamwork, while

enabling teachers to incorporate real-world

technology into the classroom

● Align standards to Common Core, CCSS, NSS,

and other state-specific standards to ensure

specific learning objectives

Course Outline

Receive industry-validated NC3 certifications as
proof of skills achievement that can offer enhanced employment potential and higher productivity across multiple industries including but not limited to:

1. What is 3D Printing?

2. Printer Setup

3. Dremel 3D Slicer

4. Cloud Printing

5. Maintenance / Troubleshooting

6. Introduction to Tinkercad

7. How to implement into a classroom

3D Printing Certification NC3 Badge


Online Live class - $395

In person class - $495