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ModelNo.DescriptionJan - 2023
3D45-013D45 3D Printer$1,999.00
3D45-EDU*3D45 3D Printer with EDU bundle$2,199.00
3D40-FLX-01*3D40-FLX 3D Printer$1,499.00
3D40-FLX-EDU*3D40-FLX 3D Printer with EDU bundle$1,799.00

*Available in North America only

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Model No.DescriptionJan/23
PLA-WHI-01PLA White$32.99
PLA-BLA-01PLA Black$32.99
PLA-RED-01PLA Red$32.99
PLA-ORA-01PLA Orange$32.99
PLA-PUR-01PLA Purple$32.99
PLA-BLU-01PLA Blue$32.99
PLA-GRE-01PLA Green$32.99
PLA-YEL-01PLA Yellow$32.99
PLA-PIN-01PLA Pink$32.99
PLA-GOL-01PLA Gold$32.99
PLA-TRA-01PLA Translucent$32.99
ECO-BLA-01ECO-ABS Black$39.99
ECO-WHI-01ECO-ABS White$39.99
PETG-TRA-01PETG Translucent$39.99
DF45-NYP-BNylon Black$44.99
PLA-GRA-01PLA Gray$32.99
PLA-BEI-01PLA Beige Matte$32.99
PLA-BRO-01PLA Brown Matte$32.99
PLA-NAV-01PLA Navy Blue Matte$32.99
PLA-OLI-01PLA Olive Matte$32.99
SLK-COP-01PLA Copper Silk$39.99
SLK-GOL-01PLA Gold Silk$39.99
SLK-SIL-01PLA Silver Silk$39.99
TPU-BLA-01TPU Black$49.99
Model No.Description
Jan - 2023
BP20-01*3D20 Build Platform
BT20-01*3D20 Build Sheets (3 Pack)
BP40-01*3D40 Build Platform
BP40-FLX-01*3D40-FLX Build Plate Package
BP40-FLX-02*3D40-FLX Flexible Build Plate
BP45-01*3D45 Build Plate
BT40-01*3D40 Build Sheet (3 Pack)
BT40-FLX-013D40-FLX Build Sheets (3 Pack)
BT41-013D40 Blue Tape (10 Pack)
GS45-01Glue Stick for 3D45 (3 Pack)

*Available in North America only