3D45 Printer Set-Up

  • Get Started
  • Mobile Print Cloud Set-up
  • Wireless Set-up
  • Hardware Walk-through

This video will walk you through the basics on getting your Dremel 3D45 setup and ready to print.  Everything from warming it up to printing.

Topics covered:

1.  Powering on

2. First-Time set-up

3. Setting up Network / Wi-Fi

4. Loading Filament

5. Levelling Printer Bed

6. Applying Glue layer

7. File Preparation / Slicing

8. Sending Print file to print

Click here for 3D45 Quick Start Guide

Connecting Dremel Print Cloud Setup to Mobile Device

Dremel’s cloud-based platform allows you to connect to your 3D45 from any mobile device. Follow the setup steps below to get started.

1. After launching the Dremel cloud platform in your mobile device browser you will need to Sign Into the Dremel Print Cloud through our Partner, 3DPrinterOS.  

2. When you enter the cloud platform, click on printers on the top toolbar to register your 3D45. Register your 3D45 by entering the token number where it says “Registration code” and clicking “OK”.

3. Your mobile device is now connected to your 3D45.

Connecting 3D45 to WI-FI

Connecting your printer to Wi-fi enables seamless use of the Dremel Print Cloud, automatic firmware updates, and more. Follow these easy steps to get your 3D45 connected.

1. Tap on the tools icon of your touch screen to access the tools menu.

2. Tap the network icon in the upper left corner.

3. Press the wifi button.

4. Choose your wireless network using the touch screen. Use the arrows to scroll through the list of available wireless networks. Tap on your network name to accept it.

5. Enter your wireless network password and tap “Done”.

6. Write down the token displayed at the bottom of the touch screen. This token will be used to link your printer to your Dremel account.

3D45 Hardware Walkthrough

The 3D45 is a complex machine with multiple subsystems. Knowing the different components of your machine can be very effective to understand your printer and explain any issues that you may be having to a customer service representative. The diagrams below should help you get to know your printer, and should be referenced when performing maintenance on your machine.