Professional Development Training Course

3D Printer Professional Development Course

Learn how to use your Dremel 3D printer, design and slicing software and integrate into your classroom. The certificate of completion is for 4 hours of Professional Development.

Aligned to ISTE standards, this course includes videos, curated open education articles, case studies, lesson plans and hands-on learning tasks which provide a pathway into 3D printing and its application to industry. The pre-assessment and quizzes at the end of each module provide you with feedback on your progress. Average completion time is approximately 2 hours. Before you teach your students, teach yourself.

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What's Covered

Introduction to 3D Printing

In this module, you'll discover that, in addition to bringing fun and excitement to the classroom, 3D printing also has many benefits for students, teachers, and administrators. Check out the lessons below to learn how 3D printing is a game changer for education and get inspired to start building ideas with your Dremel printer right away.

Dremel 3D Printing Hardware

3D printing can seem overwhelming at first. After all, you’re learning a brand-new technology! This module will help you overcome the perplexity of it all, as you learn about 3D printing hardware.

Dremel 3D Printing Software

For many people, the most daunting aspect of 3D printing is the software. Fortunately, there are a number of software options available, some of which are easier to learn than you might think. This module will help get you started using 3D Printing software, so you and your students can start designing no time.  You will learn how to print a file using the most widely-used and recommended software, including TinkerCAD and Fusion360. You will also learn how to troubleshoot common printer problems.

Implementation and Integration (Pedagogy)

This course includes case studies surrounding the positive impact of STEM instruction and using the Dremel 3D printer in schools across the country. You will also find sample lesson plans and student handouts for elementary, middle, and high school classes.

Getting Access to the Course

When you purchase a Dremel DigiLab EDU bundle, a Professional Development card is included.  At the bottom of the card, there is a unique code.  You will need this code to download your certificate. 

If you did not purchase an EDU bundle, you can purchase a unique code outright.

Upon completion of this course, you will be prompted to download your certificate of completion. This can be handed to your school administrator for proof of completion for 4 hours of Professional Development credit.

Step by Step Instructions

Click 'Get Started' button and follow the 4 steps below.
1.  Register:  Complete the information on the form and submit 

You'll need your Dremel 3D Printer Serial Number the first time

2.  Select Training Type: Professional Development Training

3.  Select Course: 3D Printing in the classroom

4.  Enroll: This will launch the course and track your progress
Complete the entire course.

1.  Register

2. Select Prof. Dev. Training

3.  Select Course

4.  Enroll

Access Certificate of Completion

1.  After completing the course, exit and access the “Dremel EDU Bundle- Survey and Certificate” course

2.  Click Enroll and on the following screen click Complete Enrollment

3.  Enter your code at the bottom of your Professional Development card included in your EDU bundle Promo Code field. Input the unique code at the bottom of your Professional Development card into the . This will reduce the price from $199 price to $0

4.  Complete purchase and go back to the course and complete a 1 question survey. Your certificate will now be available to download

1.  Select Course

2.  Complete Enrollment

3.  Apply Code

4.  Download Certificate

Didn't buy the EDU Bundle?  No problem

Here are 2 additional ways to get access to Dremel's Professional Development training course and certificate:

You can buy (credit card) Professional Development cards here by adding to your cart.  The printed card(s) will ship to you.


You can also buy them by Purchase Order.  Click Get a Quote and a DigiLab sales person can prepare a custom quote for you.

Take and complete the online course.   Afterwards, you'll have the option to buy (credit card) access to download your certificate.