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How To Update 3D45 Firmware

The upgrade to the latest Firmware (Version R02.10.09) can be done via the following methods:


Ensure your 3D45 3D printer is connected to the internet

On the home screen go to "Tools" and then click on "Updates"

There will be a pop-up to notify you that there is a new firmware version

Press "Accept"

Once it is done downloading, press "Yes" to install the update

After the update has been installed, reboot your printer

The latest firmware version (R02.10.09) will now be on your 3D45

Via USB Drive

If you are unable to connect the 3D45 to the internet

Download file onto your computer

Copy the .zip file from your computer onto a blank USB drive. Make sure the USB drive is formatted in the FAT32 format, not NTFS or exFAT

Extract the contents of the .zip file onto the blank USB drive

Plug the USB drive into your 3D45 3D printer and then switch the printer off

Turn the printer on. There will be a notification to install new firmware

Press "Accept" to install. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to remove the USB drive

Remove the USB drive and then press "Restart Now" to reboot the printer

The latest firmware version (R02.10.09) will now be on your 3D45

For release notes, please click here.

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3D45 Warranty (PDF)

3D Printer Recycling

Dremel is committed to environmental protection. We encourage you to responsibly recycle your Dremel product when it reaches end of life, because recycling saves resources and creates jobs.

Click here to find out how to recycle your Dremel 3D printer.

Click here to trade-in your Dremel 3D printerfor a discount on a new one.