Dremel 3D Print Cloud - Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a term used by Dremel DigiLab which describes the ability to manage user access to group of Dremel 3D printers.  This is a very useful tool for educators and businesses which have either many users, many 3D printers or both.  By setting up all of the 3D printers under a single administrator, that person can invite others into the group access to the printers.  Neither the users, nor the 3D printers in the group have to be in the same location.  They can be anywhere in the world.

Manage Multiple User Access

Set up each of you users, students, employees with access to one or more of your 3D printers.  

Print Permission by user

1.  Cue (all prints sent to a printer are held in a cue until the administrator releases them) 

2.  Direct print access for 1 to unlimited print jobs

Setup Multiple printers (print farm)

If you have multiple printers in your lab, you may allow each user access to one or more of them.

Manage and View Your Fleet of 3D Printers

Whether you have all of your printers in a local lab or makerspace, or they are spread out globally.  You can manage all of them from the Cloud Slicer admin portal.  You and your users can easily see which printers are busy printing and which are idle and ready to accept a print job. 

Reporting Built In

Manage your fleet and users by pulling reports by printer or users.

Hours per printer

Get hours printed by printer.  Includes successful and failed prints.

Print Jobs by User

Find out which user or student is printing the most or the least.  This is an effective tool for measuring ROI.  Especially with schools which secured funding by applying for grants and need to show proof of performance.