ACTE 2023 New Products and Promos

NEW 3D1000 Printer -  $4,999 - April 2024 (Show Special $3,999)

- Dual Extruder with Core X Y technology

- Prints ECO-ABS, PETG, Nylon, PLA, TPU, PC, PVA, ASA, GF Nylon and PA-CF (fits 1kg spools)
- Build Volume = 300 x 280 x 340 (mm).  1,557 cu in. 
- Prints 3X to 6X faster and warms up 5X vs 3D45
- Swappable nozzles (0.4mm, 0.6mm & 0.8mm)
- HEPA filtration standard
- Full Auto-levelling and flexible build plate

ACTE Promo. - Pre-order by 3/31/24 and save $1,000

NEW Filaments and Colors - Available Now

PLA Matte (Olive, Brown, Beige and Navy blue) $32.99

PLA Silk series (Gold, Silver and Copper) $39.99

TPU Flexible filament (Black) $49.99

ACTE Promo.  Buy online and save 10% 

(coupon code 10.XMAS.OFF). Expires 12/31/2023

Educator Resources - Available NOW

Download 20 unique Lesson Plans for 3rd - 12th grades, based on educational projects, aligned to educational standards (Common Core, NGSS, TEKS) and real-life tested by curriculum experts.

Teachers can take an ISTE aligned, Professional Development (PD) course for Dremel DigiLab 3D printers which provides teachers with 4 hours of PD credit towards their continuing education.  

NC3’s Dremel 3D Printing Certification Program offers you a unique opportunity to master the art of 3D printing using Dremel.  

Live tech support.  Speak to a real person by contacting Dremel's experienced customer support team in  Wisconsin. Call, chat online, or email us.